With over a century of experience, All West Communications is a telecommunications company providing services for Park City and the surrounding areas. They came to Kyle Harris Design to solve one of the biggest of challenges—to design a new, extremely demanding online experience. They were in need of something that was equal parts informative about its multiple telecom services for both residential and business customers, a place to pay your bill, a portal to watch tv online, post job listings, check email, and have a sense of community with relevant news and dialogue.


Premium Features
Potential customers have a lot of choices for their telecom services, including all the national telecom players, so making it clear that All West has the same lineup of premium programming as the big guys was a must. We worked with HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz to get access to images of their most popular shows and used them in key places throughout the TV section of the site. 


Mobile First & Foremost
Before the redesign customers didn’t have a way to view a responsive version of the website so we designed and developed every aspect of the site for an optimized experience. Care was taken to ensure that every element of all sizes of each page equated to an informative and engaging user experience. 


It All Starts with a Great Plan
A great user experience starts with a great plan. With such a robust amount of pages and site sections, we first collaborated with All West to establish a plan for the flow of the site and the structure of the pages. Multiple iterations of wireframes from sketches to fully baked ideas were pored through before design was even started to ensure that the site would be intuitive to use.


From a communications portal, to internet features, TV ratings, customer services options, nearly twenty calling features, and everything in between, there were numerous technical features that needed to be explained throughout the site. To make this info more easily digestible, a comprehensive iconography set was deployed. These icons provide simple visual cues to complex and sometimes confusing information. 


Playful Vignettes
One of the most rewarding parts of the project was creating photo vignettes for the telecom services that All West provides. This was a way to show both the personality of consuming entertaining media and a way to visually explain the benefit of these services as an addition to your lifestyle. And it gave us an excuse to show off some of our most eccentric ephemera.


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